Cadet Frequent Questions and Answers:

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How old do I have to be to join the Royal Marines Cadets?
If you are aged between 12.9 and 18 then you can join as a cadet.

Do I have to join The Royal Marines if I become a Cadet?
Absolutely not! The Sea Cadet Corps is sponsored by the
Royal Navy and we use much of their equipment and facilities, but there is absolutely no obligation to join any of the armed services at any time. You can also leave the Marine Cadets at any time.

Will being in the Royal Marines Cadets help me if I want to join the Royal Marines or any of the Services after my studies?
Most definitely! We follow much of the military training syllabus which will give you a great advantage over those that have not had any Cadet experience. Many of our Cadets who do join the Royal Marines qualify from training as the best recruits as they already have a good grounding in military skills before they start their training.
 Will I be provided with a uniform?
 On joining the Royal Marines Cadets as a Cadet you
 would be issued with a uniform and any equipment
 necessary to carry out your training.

 Can I participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's 
 Award Scheme?
 Yes you can. The Sea Cadet Corps operates the
 'D of E'  Award Scheme, all elements of this award 
 can be completed as part of your normal Cadet activities.

What is a BTEC qualification?
As a Royal Marines Cadet you can work towards a BTEC in Public Services, Music or Engineering as part of your normal activities. These are nationally recognised qualifications which is the equivalent to four Standard Grades in Scotland level 1 to 3 or four GCSEs at grade A* to C. You can also gain a Certificate in Team Leading from the Institute of Leadership and Management through
the CVQO and Its All Free!
Is there a chance of foreign travel?
There are both nationally and locally organised foreign exchange trips available for Cadets to many different countries throught the world. The Sea Cadets is a member of the International Sea Cadet Association These could include adventurous training in Canada or Bavaria, learning survival skills in the Australian outback or just visiting a Royal Marines Unit or Royal Navy or Royal Fleet Auxillary Ship. What is available will largely depend on your time and your personal drive!
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